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December 18, 2011
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Cyshkil Reference sheet::UPDATED:: by TheEvilTeaDrinker Cyshkil Reference sheet::UPDATED:: by TheEvilTeaDrinker
Name: Cyshkil (sh-ish-kill)
Species: Irken
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Age: 23

Likes: Music, nature, being able to preform music alone, or for others. Enjoys sweets, and a nice cup of hot tea.

Dislikes: annoying people, rappers, overly happy people, clingy women, anything too spicy, people pulling on his antenna, people that mock too much, being shot at, someone breaking his guitar. Himself. and his past. Medical treatment.

Phobia: being helpless, being alone without anyone he can turn to. Loosing control of who he is and of his abilities.

Special abilities: He rarely uses this one, its kinda like a last ditch attempt at survival. His guitar when he chooses to can send out a frequency that can cause things to rupture or explode. If he aims it at a person he can case their body to slowly implode. This ability comes from him not the guitar, but after this said ability he falls into a sleep for a good 12 hours. Hence why he avoids using it.
You can kinda say it is a ability he possesses but doesn't know how to control or use in any other manner than directing it through his guitar. If he tries to use it without the said guitar who knows what could happen, he could accidentally use it on himself or just lose control in general.
He wasn't born with this ability, when he was transferred to the 'Experimental division' of the irken empire his DNA was slightly altered. His body was turned into a weapon is a simple way of putting it. The purpose of this said division of the Irken military was to enhance abilities of the soldiers. To create a perfect, loyal, and most of all powerful fighter.
Cyshkil sees his ability as a curse though due to a mistake he made with it.
The branch of the military was closed down after the Chemical that allowed them to create the said enhanced Irken's was lost. Stolen by an unknown group. Most of the other creatures like him left the custody of the Empire and fled to the outreaches of space. Cyshkil chose to stay. While he tended to disagree with the empires choices he was still a loyal solider and willing to give his life to the empire. That is until he was captured by a rebel force. more info in bottom of page

The said ability is actually a type of psychic ability, it is the first step in the sequence of powers. But Cyshkil, being Cyshkil, he doesn't know the first thing about controlling it. Its hard to say what it will turn into all that is known is that when he is put under extreme stress it grows, so who knows what will happen throughout the tournament.
The more stressful the situation the more his body adapts o try and keep himself alive. But the stronger it grows the more strain that it puts onto cyshkl's body. When he uses it already it causes some damage to him. The ability itself causes the inside of his opponents to be put under extreme pressure soon collapsing under the force eventually killing the said enemy.

There are some symptoms that occur when the ability is used,
1st Blood: Blood starts seeping from their face, their eyes, their mouth, (and nose if they have them)
2nd Headache: When it starts it feels like a dull headache, but the longer the ability is focused on them the stronger it grows. Eventually becoming excruciating as the body begins to quite literally tear itself apart.
3rd Loss of sight: </b> As the body is slowly crushing under the force eye sight loss begins to occur, everything goes black as the neurological connection to the said brain is cut off. When the ability is activated it attacks the mind first, causing the enemy to end up in a type of daze as the rest of his body begins to be attacked. Thus why when it first starts up blood seeps from their eyes and their head begins to pound like a drum.
Death: self explanatory.

The main way to stop this ability when it starts is to stun Cyshkil, usually a hit to the head or an incapacitating blow will do it. A punch to the gut, a kick to the head, something to cause his mind to snap away from the ability. If one was to damage him like that during the attack it would probably lash back at him like a boomerang. Which in turn would make him have to turn it off giving said opponent a chance to flee.
Do be in mind though when it is used he can still fight people off. he doesn't become a ridged statue, he is still able to move just fine.
Though there is a bit of lash back that happens to him, as I stated before Cyshkil can't control this said ability. And when he uses it with out his guitar it will most definitely lash back on him. The blood that seems from him when he uses it his power is from that said lash back. Even with the guitar it happens. Though when he has the instrument in hand it looks like he is crying read tears nothing more.

Side Affects of Surviving ability:
If you were able to get away of the ability when he looses control of it, and ends up having to turn it off abruptly. Your body is going to be acting like its rejecting something. You will get tremors unable to hold still, your body constantly shaking. Your vision will slowly return but it will be in a blur for the first hour or so. Your body will reject anything you eat and you will feel unimaginably weak. This would last depending on the being at least 5 hours. For some it might be less it might be more. The best thing to do when trying to get through the said 'withdrawal like symptoms' would be sleep it off. Find some place safe and sleep. During that point in time cyshkil probably would be doing the same seeing as after using his ability (depending on how long it was active) he will be asleep. (if he has it only activated for a few moments then it wouldn't be as long as it would be if he had it functioning for say 5 minutes or so)

Fighting style: He is actually a martial artist though no where near and expert, he is still someone to look out for. Though generally he smashes his guitar into people like a big hammer, the case protecting the item inside.

Weapons: he has small throwing knives that are hidden inside of the bandages on his arms. Also he has a knife in his boot, along with those he has his air bullet gun.

Air bullet gun: It compresses the air around him into the bullet like chambers causing it to go under extreme pressure. When fired it usually will break bones ore cause severe bruising. Almost always throwing his enemy back. The air gun ins his main weapon. The gauge on it is usually a pale bluish green, to get a weak throw back bullet you let two of its 9 compartments to load. To get the strongest bullet you need to let it charge till it is entirely red, but that takes time which is hard to get in the middle of battle. To use that attack you generally need to wait and avoid your enemy because the minutes your hand stops squeezing that trigger it will stop charging. There are two clicks on it, one is the charging point, after that it fires like a normal gun. When fired the circle around the gun revolves loading a new cartage allowing the previous one to warm down. After fired it can cause ice to built up on the chamber.
It can also be used in water.
His main weapon though is his guitar case, he uses it like a battering ram smashing it into his enemies until they are either dead or unconscious.
Image assassins creed, but your main weapon is a guitar case

Items in guitar case: there is primarily his guitar, but also inside of there he has an extra knife, a flash light, matches, and a journal.

Strengths: he is very opportunistic and isn't afraid to do anything if it means survival. He is a good fighter, fast on his feet and able to jump very high. He is a good guitar player and is able to use it something like a guider for his attacks. He is able to blend into his surroundings easily, and able to disappear in the shadows with not too much trouble. Strong senses, not exactly sense of smell, but his eye sight and hearing are rather good. Not extreme enough to know exactly what someone is saying as they whisper across a crowded room. But if he were to focus he might be able to pick up on something or another but still like i said just a bit stronger then most Irken's. HE has strong instincts about people and survival as well. After so many battles he learned when eh was in over his head or when he was going to have the advantage.

Weaknesses: if he tries to use his ability without his instrument he can lose control or end up inflicting himself the damage that was meant for his opponent. He doesn't take mocking too well and tends to get pissed easily, he is somewhat immature and easily distracted by things. Say a piece of something shiny in a tree or something along those lines. Though he isn't idiotic, if there is a situation that demands his attention he will give it his full cooperation until it is done. Though he is good at jumping his landing needs a bit of work and he can easily slip and fall over due to the lack of perfection on his landings.He also tends to under estimate his landings distance and sometimes over shoots luckily he is able to adapt and try and save himself from the fall. He is kind though, even though he will be intent on survival he has a softer side that he keeps hidden away. Which might make it difficult for him to fight a more innocent opponent.

Personality: He is a bit of a goof ball truthfully, though he can be very serious at times. He usually appears as if he is very bored that is until you speak to him or try to get to know the said Irken then his true personality shows through. He will laugh and have a good time, but he isn't very trusting due to past experiences. He will go along with someones gestures if they offer him a drink; but when they are not looking he will be testing it for poisons of throwing it over his shoulder if he deems it undrinkable. he also is very difficult to get to open up about his past, and the mistakes he has made. In some sense he wants to see some kind of sign in his opponents that they aren't heartless animals that there is still some hope in this world.
He acts friendly on the first note, usually to see how someone will act, if he feels threatened in any way though he will not hesitate to attack his opponent usually by smashing his guitar case into the side of their head.

He used to be a mechanic for the Irken military, that is before he moved on from that and joined the actually fighting ranks.
Cyshkil was put into the 'experimental unit, the activities that go on in this branch of the military. As stated before it was that division of the Irken's fighting units that his abilities came from, also enhancing his strength and senses. Though only so much, it isn't like he could hear a pin drop from a mile away. Hardly. In a sense he just has stronger instincts then most irkens, like having a sense of when something is gonna happen. Perhaps being able to feel that the air was a bit tense and feeling like it was going to rain. Not exactly it but just strong instincts about things, especially people.

He chose to leave during the middle of a battle for his own reasons, due to this though he is now seen to many as a traitor to the empire. Sense then he has been throwing his hand in with thieves and pirates, just trying to survive to see the next day.
When he left it was for more than one reason, one because he had been a captured by the enemy. But also because when he was no longer deemed a threat and allowed to wander the base (though while having a guard with him at all times and not allowed near weapons) he began to see what they saw. Understand what they fought for, eventually he became one of them. A rebel himself. He had been well on his way to gaining their trust entirely actually, able to blend in with their people. Even finding love in the most unlikely of places.
That all changed though when their base was attacked by the Empire. Somehow they had figured out where they were, later cyshkil speculates that it was because they managed to track him by his pack. Re-activate the chip he had long sense believed he had destroyed inside it. It was on this day that he lost control of his ability, more than ever before. He was unable to stop it, unable to pull himself back from its grasps. Until everything went dark. When he awoke he found himself laying in blood, his daughter, his friends, everyone he knew was dead. Everyone.
He himself had destroyed the very things he wanted to protect. This is a mistake that he desperately wants to undo. But he know's he can't. There ones that did survive were captured by the irken empire and taken away as slaves.

Why does he want to join blood sport?
He Wants TO WIN, he wants to free those who were captured because of him. Try to make amends for the mistakes he made in the past. And the premature deaths he caused.
See you in blood sport!!

Cyshkil belongs to :icontheevilteadrinker:

If i see anything that needs altered I will come back and update this again
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