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May 13, 2012
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Extra Special stardust by TheEvilTeaDrinker Extra Special stardust by TheEvilTeaDrinker

Gamzee moved through the tattered halls of the hive, the wallpaper covered in blood and dust, pieces of it peeling away from the base as if curling from fear of their surroundings. Each of his foot steps made a light thud on the ground his arms hanging limp at his sides, though one fist was clenched a pale white powder dripping through his fingers. The sand seeming to sparkle in the dim light, it looked like small stars. Each pebble resembling what some called the diamonds in the night sky. But they weren't diamonds, they weren't jewels of any kind. Those glowing dots that he saw each and every evening, no matter how he tried to ignore or look away from them, those were all broken promises. All some kind of statement that a parent, friend, maybe even a lover had sworn to uphold to the poor fool who trusted them. And then they broke their word, everyone had done it, at some point or another. Though there were those that were worst then others, those lies glowed more than any other one in the sky. Everyone was a liar, even he was, but he also knew that he wasn't going to be lied to again. Never..again. His eyes glowed red in the dim light the clothing he wore swaying a bit in the barely existent breeze that fluttered through his home. Some years ago Kanaya gave him this, well pieces of it, the vest and the shirt at different times. What ever she did not think anyone else would wear somehow ended up in his possession. Apparently she thought his fashion sense was that horrible. Amusement hit him at that thought a low cackle creeping from his lips as the dim glow of a mirror caught his attention. Turning his eyes up he gazed at himself, but instead of the pleased confidence he knew was on his face there was another one there. Horror, fear, the amused grin that usually was worn on his face missing as the troll gazed from the prison to the male. He looked like him, he spoke like him, but.. That male was not him. The blood that dripped from his hands and face was his friends, and his own.

"HeY tHeRe MoThErFuCkInG mE," the male said his lips parting to show his fangs, some of his own purple plasma creeping down the side of his cheek. He had an issue of itching the blood that came from there, when it scabbed over he felt the urge to itch it again. As if he was proving to himself he could feel pain, that he was still alive in some way.

Pressing against the reflective barrier that separated him from the world Gamzee's eyes widened seeing the sate his body was in. He had blood dripping from his hands and lips, had he been tasting the blood of his victims? How many had he killed by now? He was horrified, he had no clue what the male had been doing sense he left his presence last. Every time he returned though he brought the scent of fresh blood and sweat on him, and that same cruel grin smeared across his distorted makeup. His eyes twisting with insanity.

"I bRoUgHt YoU a MoThErFuCkInG gIfT," the male said slowly lifting his hand and turning it to the side before uncurling his clawed fingers watching the sparkling dust drip from his fingers. Each one a lie he had captured from the flesh of another, and ground to dust.. Making it into his.. Special stardust.. "ReMeMbEr ThIs StUfF? I jUsT mAdE a NeW mOtHeRfUcKiNg BaTcH, a ExTrA MoThErFuCkInG sPeCiAl BaTcH." he called watching each small pebble drip from his skin, falling stars, it was a special batch. Three lives went into this mixture, their blood was painted onto the walls, making his wicked pictures all that more beautiful. What made this one the best though, and the most spectacularly special was he had gone back and dug up the bones of a friend, and a lover. The animal Charmer that had died and who's head he still kept safe often times curled up in his arms protected from all who would want to harm him again.

"WhY aRe YoU dOiNg ThIs BroThEr I dOn'T mOThErFuCkInG UnDeRsTaNd WhY," Gamzee said his purple eyes shifting down to the sparkling sand as it fell like water onto the floor only to pool together away from his constricted view.

"ThAt QuEsTiOn ThErE iS wHy YoU wIlL nEvEr Be ThE SuBjUgGuLaToR i Am," his slitted eyes slowly turned away from the reflection of what he used to be. His foot steps echoing as he walked the male able to feel his own bit of insanity burning in his mind. He talked to himself, he lived with himself and he killed.. For himself, to kill all the peasantbloods that plagued this world. This was his calling, and now that he understood that, he would stick to it. Even if a part of himself would not understand. He could hear his shouts fading into the background as he walked away from his past, from his old self. He walked away from those memories, and towards his new blood covered future.

So I love the image, though It could still use some editing in my opinion. I believe that my anatomy has gotten better, can't say much for the coloring or shading. On another note, I have no clue what that story is about, where it came from, or if it is even anything close to how things are meant to be portrayed in the actual comic.
I can say for certain though that I believe Gamzee has eaten my soul.
I noticed that no one has drawn Gamzee with himself like split personalities (of course none that I have gone across) so I decided to try and draw/write it. And that was what I got.. :iconstaresplz: I believe my brain has broken in the process though..

Gamzee belongs to his rightful owner.
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Im sorry to ask this, Im probably going to feel dumb about asking this later because I know the color I just can't remember what its called, but what color did you use for the stardust?
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The art work from the homestuck fandom is pretty awesome in my opinion <T even if the story can be a tad bit difficult to read
Derpy77666 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I love this pic! The colors are very vibrant, and really catch the attention of people :3
I really think it captures the darker side of Gamzee, as well as the typical, cool Gamzee we all like.
Amazing picture, really. Keep up the great work!
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